Student team wins first place for Green Dot Competition

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In March 2015, students from the University of Nicosia participated in a Business Case Competition held by Green Dot Cyprus. The research topic of the competition was the building of a Communication Strategic Plan for the recycling company “Α.Φ.Η.Σ”. All academic institutes of Cyprus had the eligibility of participation in this competition.

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Using Compressed Natural Gas in Transportation

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Dr. Marios Valiantis

Director of the Centre for Green Development and Energy Policy

Not that long ago, people in Cyprus were glued to the local press and media following anxiously the path of Saipem 10000, the drilling ship that started the exploration drilling at Block 9, Onasagoras, of the Cyprus Exclusive Economic Zone. The hope for that well was to be able to find enough resources that will put Cyprus back into business in coming closer to building the LNG plant in the very near future. The same continued with the drilling at Amathousa site. Finding natural gas will have a lot of benefits many of which will be associated with selling the gas; it is good to know though that natural gas could be used internally to our market in a sector that will help us a lot with our European commitments under the European Strategy 2020. Which sector? The transport sector.

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The Gifts of Aphrodite: A Shift to Competitive Pragmatism in Cypriot Gas Strategy

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Dr. Theodoros Tsakiris* 

Assistant Professor on the Geopolitics of Hydrocarbons at the University of Nicosia and Member of the Geostrategic Council of the Republic of Cyprus

* the author’s views are stricly personal.

The results of the first exploratory drilling (Cyprus-A) on the Aphrodite prospect in December 2011 that came up with an estimate of 5-8 tcf (trillion cubic feet) were greeted in Cyprus with unprecedented enthusiams. The success of the initial drilling followed three years of astonishing achievements for Noble and its Israeli partners in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Israel that had led to the discovery of two major fields in Tamar and Leviathan. Aphrodite was considered by many as the “natural” continuum of these discoveries that would in turn herald the emergence of Cyprus as a major exporter of natural gas to Europe and beyond. Elaborate and not so elaborate multibillion $ projects were immediately presented as the most competitive monetization options lobbied for by a plethora of “experts” who had very little or no understanding of the fundamental risk parameters of the upstream (exploration and production) sector in the oil & gas industry.

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